America countries

North American countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
United States USA Economy of United States US Dollar
Canada CAN Economy of Canada Canadian Dollar
Mexico MEX Economy of Mexico Mexican New Peso

Caribbean countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Antigua and Barbuda ATG Economy of Antigua and Barbuda East Caribbean Dollar
The Bahamas BHS Economy of The Bahamas Bahamas Dollar
Barbados BRB Economy of Barbados Barbadian Dollar
Cuba CUB Economy of Cuba Cuban Peso
Dominica DMA Economy of Dominica East Caribbean Dollar
Dominican Republic DOM Economy of Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Peso
Grenada GRD Economy of Grenada East Caribbean Dollar
Haiti HTI Economy of Haiti Haitian Gourde
Jamaica JAM Economy of Jamaica Jamaican Dollar
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNA Economy of Saint Kitts and Nevis East Caribbean Dollar
Saint Lucia LCA Economy of Saint Lucia East Caribbean Dollar
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VCT Economy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines East Caribbean Dollar
Trinidad and Tobago TTO Economy of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidadian Dollar

Central America countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Belize BLZ Economy of Belize Belizeский доллар
Costa Rica CRI Economy of Costa Rica Costa Rican Colon
El Salvador SLV Economy of El Salvador El Salvador Colon
Guatemala GTM Economy of Guatemala Guatemalan Quetzal
Honduras HND Economy of Honduras Honduran Lempira
Nicaragua NIC Economy of Nicaragua Nicaraguan Crdoba
Panama PAN Economy of Panama Panamanian Balboa

South American countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Argentina ARG Economy of Argentina Argentinian Peso
Bolivia BOL Economy of Bolivia Bolivian Boliviano
Brazil BRA Economy of Brazil Brazilian Real
Chile CHL Economy of Chile Chilean Peso
Colombia COL Economy of Colombia Colombian Peso
Ecuador ECU Economy of Ecuador US Dollar
Guyana GUY Economy of Guyana Guyanese Dollar
Paraguay PRY Economy of Paraguay Paraguayan Guaran
Peru PER Economy of Peru Peruvian New Sol
Suriname SUR Economy of Suriname Surinamese Dollar
Uruguay URY Economy of Uruguay Peso Uruguayo
Venezuela VEN Economy of Venezuela Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte