Asian countries

East Asian countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Brunei BRN Economy of Brunei Brunei Dollar
Cambodia KHM Economy of Cambodia Cambodian Riel
China CHN Economy of China Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Hong Kong HKG Economy of Hong Kong Hong Kongский доллар
Indonesia IDN Economy of Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah
Japan JPN Economy of Japan Japanese Yen
Laos LAO Economy of Laos Laos Kip
Malaysia MYS Economy of Malaysia Malaysian Ringgit
Mongolia MNG Economy of Mongolia Mongolian тугрик
Myanmar MMR Economy of Myanmar Myanmar Kyat
North Korea PRK Economy of North Korea Korean PR Won (N.Korea)
Philippines PHL Economy of Philippines Philippine Peso
Singapore SGP Economy of Singapore Singaporeский доллар
South Korea KOR Economy of South Korea Korean Republic Won (S.Korea)
Thailand THA Economy of Thailand Thai Baht
Vietnam VNM Economy of Vietnam Vietnamese New Dong

South Asian countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Afghanistan AFG Economy of Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghani
Bangladesh BGD Economy of Bangladesh Bangladesh Taka
Bhutan BTN Economy of Bhutan Bhutan Ngultrum
India IND Economy of India Indian Rupee
Sri Lanka LKA Economy of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee
Maldives MDV Economy of Maldives Maldivian Rufiyaa
Nepal NPL Economy of Nepal Nepalese Rupee
Pakistan PAK Economy of Pakistan Pakistani Rupee