All countries of the world

G20 countries

Country Flag Ticker Region Currency
United States USA North America US Dollar
Argentina ARG South America Argentinian Peso
Australia AUS Australia and Oceania Australian Dollar
Canada CAN North America Canadian Dollar
Mexico MEX North America Mexican New Peso
Brazil BRA South America Brazilian Real
China CHN North Asia Chinese Yuan Renminbi
India IND South Asia Indian Rupee
Indonesia IDN North Asia Indonesian Rupiah
Japan JPN North Asia Japanese Yen
France FRA Western Europe Euro
Germany DEU Western Europe Euro
Russia RUS Former USSR Russian ruble
Saudi Arabia SAU North Africa and the Middle East Saudi Riyal
Italy ITA Western Europe Euro
South Korea KOR North Asia Korean Republic Won (S.Korea)
Spain ESP Western Europe Euro
Turkey TUR Western Europe New Turkish Lira
United Kingdom GBR Western Europe Pound Sterling
South Africa ZAF Sub-Saharan Africa South African Rand

South Asian countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Afghanistan AFG Economy of Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghani
Bangladesh BGD Economy of Bangladesh Bangladesh Taka
Bhutan BTN Economy of Bhutan Bhutan Ngultrum
India IND Economy of India Indian Rupee
Sri Lanka LKA Economy of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee
Maldives MDV Economy of Maldives Maldivian Rufiyaa
Nepal NPL Economy of Nepal Nepalese Rupee
Pakistan PAK Economy of Pakistan Pakistani Rupee

Sub-Saharan Africa countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Burundi BDI Economy of Burundi Burundian Franc
Benin BEN Economy of Benin CFA Central Franc
Burkina Faso BFA Economy of Burkina Faso CFA Central Franc
Botswana BWA Economy of Botswana Botswana Pula
Comoros COM Economy of Comoros Comoran Franc
Cape Verde CPV Economy of Cape Verde Cape Verdean Escudo
Eritrea ERI Economy of Eritrea The Eritrean Nakfa
Ethiopia ETH Economy of Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr
Ghana GHA Economy of Ghana Ghana Cedi
Guinea GIN Economy of Guinea Guinean Franc
Gambia GMB Economy of Gambia Gambian Dalasi
Guinea-Bissau GNB Economy of Guinea-Bissau CFA West Franc
Ivory Coast CIV Economy of Ivory Coast CFA West Franc
Kenya KEN Economy of Kenya Kenyan Shilling
Liberia LBR Economy of Liberia Liberian Dollar
Lesotho LSO Economy of Lesotho Lesothian Loti
Madagascar MDG Economy of Madagascar Matagasy Ariary
Mali MLI Economy of Mali CFA West Franc
Mozambique MOZ Economy of Mozambique Mozambique Metical
Mauritania MRT Economy of Mauritania Mauritanian Ougiya
Mauritius MUS Economy of Mauritius Mauritian Rupee
Malawi MWI Economy of Malawi Malawi Kwacha
Namibia NAM Economy of Namibia Namibia Dollar
Niger NER Economy of Niger CFA West Franc
Nigeria NGA Economy of Nigeria Nigerian Naira
Rwanda RWA Economy of Rwanda Rwandan Franc
Sudan SDN Economy of Sudan Sudanese Pound
Senegal SEN Economy of Senegal CFA West Franc
Sierra Leone SLE Economy of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Leone
Somalia SOM Economy of Somalia Somali Shilling
South Sudan SSD Economy of South Sudan South Sudanese pound
Swaziland SWZ Economy of Swaziland Swaziland Lilangeni
Seychelles SYC Economy of Seychelles Seychelles Rupee
Togo TGO Economy of Togo CFA West Franc
Tanzania TZA Economy of Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling
Uganda UGA Economy of Uganda Uganda New Shilling
South Africa ZAF Economy of South Africa South African Rand
Zambia ZMB Economy of Zambia Zambian Kwacha
Zimbabwe ZWE Economy of Zimbabwe US Dollar

North American countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
United States USA Economy of United States US Dollar
Canada CAN Economy of Canada Canadian Dollar
Mexico MEX Economy of Mexico Mexican New Peso

Central America countries

Country Flag Ticker Economy Currency
Belize BLZ Economy of Belize Belizeский доллар
Costa Rica CRI Economy of Costa Rica Costa Rican Colon
El Salvador SLV Economy of El Salvador El Salvador Colon
Guatemala GTM Economy of Guatemala Guatemalan Quetzal
Honduras HND Economy of Honduras Honduran Lempira
Nicaragua NIC Economy of Nicaragua Nicaraguan Crdoba
Panama PAN Economy of Panama Panamanian Balboa