Name Units
Total population person
Population in the largest city person
Population women % population
Rural population % population
Urban population % population
Population aged 0-14 % population
Population aged 15-64 % population
Population aged 65+ % population
Population density person on km²
Population growth (annual) % (percent)
Net migration person

Mortality and fertility

Name Units
Life expectancy - women years (average)
Life expectancy - men years (average)
First marriage - women years (average)
First marriage - men years (average)
Prevalence of contraceptives %, women (15-49 years old)
Birth rate per woman
Sex ratio at birth women / men
Teenage mothers %, women (15-19 years old)
Maternal mortality deaths (per 1000 births)
Neonatal mortality deaths (per 1000 births)
Infant mortality deaths (per 1000 births)
Mortality under 5 years of age deaths (per 1000 children)
Mortality due to illness and nutrition %, mortality
Mortality due to injuries and accidents %, mortality
Mortality due to non-communicable diseases %, mortality

Health and Disease

Name Units
DTP Immunization %, children (12-23 months)
Immunization against measles %, children (12-23 months)
BCG immunization %, children (0-12 monthly)
HepB3 Immunization %, children (0-12 monthly)
OPV3 immunization %, children (0-12 monthly)
Low birth weight babies % babies
Number of people who are undernourished person
People (15 years and older) living with HIV person
Diabetes prevalence - (20-79 years)
Tuberculosis prevalence sick (per 100,000 people)
Malaria prevalence sick (per 100,000 people)
Nurses per 1000 people
Midwives per 1000 people
Health expenditure per capita PPP

Economic activity

Name Units
GDP per capita D. e.
Labor force person
Unemployment % labor
Unemployment - Men % labor
Unemployment - Women % labor
Underemployment %, employment
Employment in agriculture %, employment
Employment in industry %, employment
Work in the service sector %, employment
Employers %, employment
Employees %, employment
Self employed %, employment
Contribution of family workers %, employment
Gini coefficient Gini index