The economic growth

Name Units
GDP D. e.
GDP in dollars billion
Real GDP D. e.
Real GDP growth % (percent)
GDP per capita D. e.
GDP growth per capita % (percent)
GDP per capita, PPP PPP
Share in world GDP % (percent)
GNI D. e.


Name Units
Population person
Labor force thousand / person
Labor force - women - (women)
Employment to population ratio thousand / person
Unemployment rate % labor
Female unemployment - (women)
Male unemployment - (men)
Youth unemployment - (the youth)
Minimum wage dollar / month


Name Units
Consumer Price Index index (2005 = 100)
Inflation % (annually)
GDP Deflator coefficient
Producer Price Index index
Wholesale Price Index index (2005 = 100)
Quasi money D. e.
Money Supply (M1) D. e.
Money supply (M2) D. e.
Money supply (M3) %, GDP
Domestic private sector credit %, GDP

Capital market

Name Units
Capitalization of the stock market dollars
Deposit interest rate % (percent)
Credit interest rate % (percent)
Real interest rate % (percent)

Industry and business

Name Units
Industrial production dollars
Change stocks million
Household expenses and consumption PPP

Manufacturing sector

Name Units
Agriculture as part of GDP %, GDP
Industries l as a part of GDP %, GDP
Services as a part of GDP %, GDP
Employment in agriculture %, lesson
Employment in industry %, lesson
Employment in services %, lesson

international trade

Name Units
Import dollars
Export dollars
Import share of GDP %, GDP
Export share of GDP %, GDP

Payment balance

Name Units
Trade balance dollars
External debt dollars
Trade balance share of GDP %, GDP
External debt share of GDP %, GDP


Name Units
Tax rate as a percentage of commercial profit % (percent)
Net tax revenue as a percentage of GDP % (percent)
Share of taxes on goods and services as a percentage of income % (percent)
Tax on income, profit and capital gain as a percentage of revenue % (percent)
Tax on international trade revenue as a percentage of income % (percent)