Stock futures

E-mini Dow Jones Futures (YM) -19.00 (-0.07%)August 14, 2020

E-mini Dow Jones Futures (YM)

Underlying asset of the contract DJIA
Contract name E-mini Dow Jones Futures
Ticker YM
Currency US Dollar
Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Sector Stocks
Current contract -
Contract execution month -
End of contract -
Contract duration -

Contract specifics: E-mini Dow Jones Futures (YM)

Delivery price -
Price Unit -
Contract size -
Tick size -
Tick cost -
Minimum price fluctuations -
Price quote -
Codes of months of execution H, M, U, Z
Months of execution March, June, September, December
Type of contract Estimated
Trading hours Sunday - Friday, 18:00 - 17:00 (GMT-5)
Trading hours (local time)
Weekend Saturday, Sunday and all weekends